Billings Pro Is Out (and Multi-User)

Billings Pro Is Out (and Multi-User)

billings pro thumbnailBack in April, I posted about Marketcircle’s popular Mac billing application, Billings, announcing that it was “going pro,” a.k.a., multi-user, and headed to beta testing. Tonight, The Unofficial Apple Weblog reports that Billings Pro has gone live.

As I am currently a solo practitioner, I have not put the multi-user version through its paces. I do religiously use Billings 3 for my billing needs, though, and highly recommend it. Time capture could be a little easier, but it is a solid program that has my full confidence otherwise.

The Pro, multi-user, version requires you to set up a “server” version of the application on any “stationary” mac. Billings Pro uses a web-based “Switchboard” to solve the problems related to “opening ports, worrying about static IP’s, or crawling on the floor in search of your router’s model name. Switchboard is the middle-man for your database connection.”

billings proThe system establishes a web-based Timecard interface that Marketcircle describes as “a simple and intuitive web interface for Billings Pro with a laser focus on active projects with quick time, expense and mileage entry.

We built it for non-management staff and have kept out the stuff they don’t need such as financial data, reports, estimates and more.”

Whereas Billings 3 will set you back $39.95, Billings Pro will set you back $199.95 per user. An upgrade for one user to go from Billings 3 to Billings Pro is $174.95. This means, if you’re a solo using Billings 3 and you want to upgrade to Billings Pro to use with a partner or associate, you’re going to have to fork out $375, minimum. That’s quite a jump.

Of course, in light of the alternatives, the price-point probably makes sense. You can avoid the up-front cost by opting to go “Pay As You Go” and pay $24.95 per user per month. Of course, at $50/mo, after 8 months, you’ll be paying more than if you just bought two licenses.

That said, Freshbooks is $39.95/mo for two users, and Harvest is $40/mo for up to 5 users. Freshbooks and Harvest have their own benefits, but with Billings Pro, the data is always yours and always stored only on your own “server.”

Naturally, Billings Pro will sync with your iOS device via their app. Though, at the moment, it’s not clear whether there will be a new “Billings Pro Touch” as is referenced on their website, or whether it will sync with the existing “Billings Touch.” Presently, there is no “Billings Pro Touch” in the App Store.

Anyway, go check it out!