Happy Black Friday, 8 Google Wave Invites For You

Happy Black Friday, 8 Google Wave Invites For You

Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. This Black Friday afternoon, the Googles blessed me with 8 Google Wave invites. The first 8 people to leave a comment with the email address you’d like me to send the invitation to will get the invites. Feel free to mask your email address to prevent it from being easily scraped, such as: “adam [at] esquiremac [dot] com.” If you miss out on my invites, you may want to check out Lifehacker’s Google Wave Invite Donation threads.

Google says the invites will not be sent out immediately, but I got mine within 24 hours of when I was invited, so, hopefully you have a similar experience.

google invites

If you are interested in a dedicated app to run Google Wave, you may want to check out Waveboard. Waveboard is basically a site-specific browser for Google Wave. You could accomplish essentially the same thing by using Prism or Fluid.

I, frankly, have not used Google Wave too much, and can’t vouch for how useful it is. This below graphic more accurately illustrates my experience:

my google wave experience

Anyway, leave a comment, and I’ll get your invite in as soon as possible.